How I Came Up With The Decision

When my daughter, Scy, started to attend school; I was very much involved with each of her lessons. In doing so, I felt as if I were going through the whole process again: learning from the basic alphabet memorization, counting numbers and so on. As Scy’s lessons became more advanced, I turned to the aide of the internet to find other materials that will help me teach my daughter in her school work. Sometimes I was lucky to find exactly what I need; but there are also times when luck is at odds with me. With this blog, I hope to lend a hand to other moms out there, who are also learning all over again with their kids.

The subjects included here are English, Math, Science, Filipino and Sibika. More will be added as I continue my journey back to education with my daughter. I have also included some exercises that might help you in tutoring your child.


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