English Exercise: Gender of Nouns

A. Complete the table with appropriate masculine or feminine nouns.

Masculine Feminine
1. duke  
2. gentleman  
3. patron  
4. bachelor  
5. emperor  
6. directress
7. actress
8. mother
9. daughter
10. queen


B. Write each word under the appropriate column

niece     nephew     principal     violin

stallion     mare     car      president

coin      neighbor     mistress     master

secretary     groom     bride     country

rock      rooster     hen     pet


Masculine Feminine Common Neuter




A. (duchess, lady, patroness, bachelorette, empress, director, actor, father, son, king)

B.  (Masculine – nephew, stallion, master, groom, rooster    Feminine – niece, mare, mistress, bride, hen     Common – principal, president, neighbor, secretary, pet     Neuter – violin, car, coin, country, rock)


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