English Lesson 1: Courteousness

A child’s first teacher should be his or her parents. Before they even go to school, we as parents should already teach them about good manners such as courteousness. We should teach them to say ‘po’ or ‘opo’ by using these respectful words in our conversations with them.

In school, teachers reinforce this courtesy lesson. They educate our kids to use appropriate courteous expressions when speaking or conversing with other people. Below are the courteous expressions our kids are taught to use accordingly:

  • For Greeting

Hi! Hello!

How are you?

  • For Answering a Greeting

I’m fine, thank you.

I’m glad to see you.

  • For saying Goodbyes



See you tomorrow. See you on ______.

See you later!

Take care!

  • For Asking Permission

May I go out?

Can I go outside to play?

  • For Apologizing and Accepting Apologies

I’m sorry.                                             No Problem

Please excuse me.                            Never mind.

That’s all right.

It’s okay.

  • Say ‘Please’ when for help from someone.
  • Say ‘Thank you’ when you received help or anything from someone.
  • Say ‘You’re welcome’ when you are thanked by someone.

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